About Me

Who I am.

Hi! My name is Johanna Storm (or Farmer Jo or Hanna). I am the owner and head farmer of Storm Farms, in Dalworthington Gardens, Texas. I went to Texas A&M (Whoop!) and have my degree in Horticulture. I started the farm while working at the Dallas Arboretum (check it out when you have the chance). I spend my days on the tractor and in the field, along with my two dogs, Buran and Poa. I’m 32 and often wonder how I ended up so lucky to grow food as my job.

I will be giving a peak at what happens here Storm Farms, and what goes into running it. On this blog, you will find discussions on books about farming, the weather (because this affects everything), what new thing(s because there are plenty) I have learned about large machinery, pest management, developments in organic farming, and what is currently growing on the farm. So, if you like plants, tractors, books, clouds, or rambles about what occurs on a farm in North Texas, stick around! OT see older blogs, there is a grey arrow in the middle of the left hand side of the screen.

If you have an questions or suggestions, please email or comment. This blog will be updated twice a month to start. Of course this depends on if my sister can keep me on track (I love you Maddie!).

If you want to know more, poke around storm.farm, our Facebook, or ask for a brochure about Storm Farms!