How the dogs derailed my post

I was going to do a post about planting strawberries. I still am, but first, I was derailed by the grossest thing that has ever happened on the farm thus far.

I have two farm dogs. Well farms dogs maybe a bit of stretch. They are dogs and they live on a farm. One is a total couch potato, and the other is the energizer bunny. Both, however are fast and love to chase anything that moves. This includes the typical squirrel, or rabbit. It doesn’t stop there, they like to chase the crows that land in the fields, and the ducks that show up when we have rain. They try to eat flies, but not the bees. Most of the time they don’t catch anything, mostly they tree the squirrels than bark at them, the rabbits lose them in the woods next door, the birds fly away, and the flys get lost in the background. I, personally, have no problem with this behaviour; they’re dogs. In the two years we have been here they have caught one rabbit. So, they mostly end up being an enthusiastic deterrent to those animals that would eat my crops. Back to my story: a couple days ago they caught a squirrel.* I didn’t see it happen, as I was on the tractor focusing very hard on making my rows straight.** All I see is one of the dogs trotting by with a dead squirrel, I roll my eyes and get back to work. That is the end of that. Well the squirrel is getting its revenge

Later that night I woke up because I needed to use the restroom, and a huge glass of water. Something smelled off, but not horrible. The dogs have been know to utilize the house (to put it delicately) when they can’t wake me. I sleep like the dead most nights.*** So I detour to the laundry room on my way back to bed. I flip the light on. In the middle of the hallway floor, inches from my bare feet is the headless squirrel leaking guts everywhere (I don’t know how to put this delicately and convey the horror scene I’d stumbled upon). I turn around, and there is my couch potato giving me the biggest pleading eyes. As if I am not going to remove a dead squirrel from my house. I grab a shovel, scoop it up and dump it over the back fence. I will have to bury it, so it doesn’t make its way back into my house. The extra disturbing fact is that I had closed the door hours ago. Which means It Was In My House For Hours!!! I have no idea where it was, but now I need to go over every room and look for squirrel..pieces..

Now you’ve heard the grossest event that has happened on Storm Farms. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dogs, and I love farming. So if you’ll stick around, I can’t wait to share a little bit more about it in my next post!


Until then,

Farmer Jo


*Let’s be real, any squirrel my dogs can catch is not adding anything to the local squirrel gene pool

** this is the most difficult thing I do. I often fail.

***You would too if you worked outside 12 hours a day.

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